Town of York Recognizes Jaelynn Gerald

The Town of York leadership sponsors a town employee recognition program that spotlights individuals who have demonstrated outstanding job performance within a specific yearly quarter. The recognized town employee for the first quarter of 2024 is DPW’s own Jaelynn Gerald.

Jaelynn began her career at DPW in August of 2022 as the department’s Administrative Assistant responsible for managingpayroll, accounts payable, processing permits and applications, handling high volumes of phone calls and emails and assisting DPW Director, Dean Lessard, with his many department responsibilities. In just a short time, Jaelynn grew into the position with quality organizational skills and ownership of every task. Added Jaelynn, “Everything here at DPW was new to me when I started. It’s been such an enjoyable learning experience. I just had to learn the ropes and try to catch on.”

Jaelynn is a York native who loves this area and her hometown. She knows the area well which is especially helpful when fielding phone calls from residents with questions or concerns. “I love the amount of community involvement we have here at DPW. It’s nice to have our department recognized and invited to events. It’s also nice to see the excitement in people’s faces when they see DPW present.” said Jaelynn.

In addition to that personal touch, it’s Jaelynn’s demonstrated examples of going above and beyond her job description that has earned her recognition. Most recently, Jaelynn has and continues to work hard on gathering and organizing information on the work that is being conducted by DPW for FEMA-eligible storm damages. This is a large undertaking, and she is a key asset in the Town’s ability to obtain funding from FEMA. Other examples include Jaelynn’s role in helping to organize and greet residents at the Annual Tire Drop Day, her instrumental role in registering and greeting residents for the annual Hazardous Waste Day as well as the Library’s Touch-a-Truckand mini golf events.

When asked about her reaction to the award, Jaelynn said, “I was absolutely surprised. With such busy workdays, it’s touching to know that someone took a moment to write something about me in appreciation.”

Jaelynn’s office skills are certainly appreciated but It’s her enthusiasm and genuine interest in all things DPW that helps keep the department organized and projects moving forward.

Jaelynn will be recognized with an official certificate and an additional day off as part of the award.

From everyone at the York Department of Public Works, Thank You Jaelynn for all your hard work. You deserve it!