Construction Beginning Fall 2024

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A Maine DOT project, DPW has been tasked with administering the project such as overseeing the plans, design and construction. The Downtown Revitalization efforts will include two phases with a selected contractor beginning construction in the Fall of 2024.

Note: Phase Two dates will be announced when provided and all dates are estimates and subject to change pending Maine DOT direction.

Key Improvements Include:

  • Raised planter/granite block seating
  • Brick paving with radial banding and flush granite inner/outer arcs (engraved)
  • Soldiers’ Monument with ornamental plantings
  • Granite sphere ornamental seating, typical (reflective of monument features)
  • Granite block bench seating, typical Street light, typical Bicycle rack, typical
  • Wide brick sidewalk, typical, with streetscape elements & pedestrian amenities (lighting, furnishings, seating)
  • Ornamental plantings and wayfinding signage
  • Flush cobblestone paving, transition area to slow traffic & decrease street footprint
  • Crosswalk built to Town standards, typical
  • Traditional bench seating, typical
  • Public green/open lawn area
  • Crossing of York Street to provide access to historic landmarks and museums
  • Green stormwater filter with native grasses and perennials

Stay updated by visiting the York Village project website or read more detailed information in our Documents Center.

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