In addition to the natural splendor of the area, York residents and visitors have the added benefit of enjoying the outstanding parks and public areas managed by the York Parks & Recreation Department.

One of the hardworking individuals responsible for maintaining those important properties is Park Maintenance Supervisor, David DePerrio.

David is a true York native who proudly notes his 12th-generation York roots and his commitment to keeping York an ideal community to live and work in. “So much of what we do benefits the town, we help keep the area looking great and we have a lot of programs for the kids in town.” Said DePerrio.

In addition to supervising teams of part-time workers who mow, edge, clean and maintain the department’s properties, David’s days are full maintaining the huge collection of power tools, mowers, edgers, trimmers, and assorted specialized vehicles used by him and his team.

While casually stating, “We’re responsible for all the parks and other properties and each one has its own challenges”, David motions to an inflatable motorized boat nearby. When asked about it he shares that he and his team use that boat to cross over to the Nubble Lighthouse to help with maintenance and test the fire alarm system at that facility.

In addition to the local beaches and parks, other properties maintained by York Parks and Recreation include the Cliff Walk near Harbor Beach as well as the Hartley Mason Reserve across from the York Harbor Inn.

But property management is only part of David’s job as he shared that he and his team are also responsible for the building, maintenance, set up and removal of the lifeguard stands seen on Long Sands Beach as well installing and maintaining the signage located on their sites.

When asked about what parts of his job he enjoys most, David said, “The Christmas Parade is probably one of my favorites. We (York Parks & Recreation) host and organize the parade and help with the floats that are in the parade.”

After touring the area to see the various properties maintained by York Parks and Recreation, it’s easy to see how David’s care and commitment helps maintain York’s beauty and create the welcoming environment so many enjoy.