Sidewalk Scanning in Progress

On October 17, 2022, York’s Select Board voted to hire contractors from StreetScan Services to conduct an extensive evaluation of the sidewalks, crosswalks and ramps in the town of York.

This service gathers data on sidewalk conditions in real time via scooter-mounted Go-Pro cameras as well as visual evaluation by trained operators. These contractors scan each sidewalk looking for defects such as cracks, surface distortions, uneven joints, general uplifts and tree root uplifts. StreetScan also determines ADA ramp compliance for disabled pedestrians and evaluates a ramp’s proper length, width, slope and condition.
When defects are found, each is photographed and uploaded to cloud-based software where the severity of the flaw is categorized, sorted and recorded via its GPS coordinates onto to town maps where it can be accessed/reviewed by DPW and town officials.

Once completed, this project will provide DPW and town management with a large database of information on the condition of our sidewalks. Additionally, this organized and automated data collection provides algorithm-based prioritization that can help assist in future town budget decisions regarding sidewalk maintenance and repair.