Street Scanning in Progress

York residents may have noticed a unique-looking vehicle with a tall camera on its roof travelling through York this week. No, it’s not a Google Maps vehicle, it’s Street Scan! A contracted service that specializes in providing municipalities with accurate evaluations of their streets, sidewalks, ramps, crosswalks and street signs.

Using the latest in cameras, high-tech geo-positioning software and state of the art, real-time reporting, this vehicle scans its surroundings to create a virtual photo album of our paved town road surfaces. As the vehicle drives the area, roads are photographed and uploaded to cloud-based software where locations are categorized, sorted and recorded via its GPS coordinates.

Once completed, the information gathered in this phase of the project will be combined with concurrent sidewalk evaluations and will provide DPW and town management with a large database of information and a 360-degree representation on the condition of our roads, sidewalks, ramps and signage.

Additionally, this automated data collection provides algorithm-based prioritization that will help assist in future town budget decisions regarding maintenance and repair of town roads, sidewalks, ramps, street signs and more.