DPW Fleet Management is “on it!”

DPW vehicles and equipment are always in use and service issues are just part of our day. After a shift, our truck operators routinely inspect their vehicles, double-check operating points, and alert our mechanics to anything occurring that may be out of the ordinary.

Case in point, the operator of one of our heavy-duty 7400 Series trucks came in recently noting a low air pressure reading on a gauge. There are two compressed air tanks located on the truck frame under the cab on the passenger side and they are the critical components for operating the air brakes on the vehicle.

A quick double-check was made by squirting soapy water over the surface and connections to the air tanks and when bubbles appeared, a leak was confirmed. Further visual inspection noted both tanks showed significant wear and tear and both air tanks were replaced. Additionally, while the air tanks were out, the adjacent battery area also looked worse for wear. That area too was serviced and new batteries were installed as a preventive measure from future issues.
This type of attention to detail, knowledge, care, and skill takes place every day at DPW all year round to keep our vehicles operating safely and efficiently. And it’s with this effort that DPW continues to successfully meet the needs of our community.