Banners for York Fallen Soldiers

York Department of Public Works hung 20 individual banners of fallen soldiers in York Village. Each soldier was either born in or lived in York and was killed in action or died as a result of being a prisoner of war. This display is part of York’s Memorial Day observation and will include one large banner featuring all the fallen soldiers to be displayed at the Old York Historical Society.

Michael Dow is an active member of the York Committee on Veteran’s Affairs who recently spent his day overseeing the proper display of a series of important banners being hung through York Village. These banners, each featuring a different member of the military, were former York residents who died in combat or as a result of being a prisoner of war.

“There are 20 banners in total with soldiers from both World Wars and Vietnam” said Dow. This is the third year the banners have been displayed and each banner features a photo of the soldier, their full name, age, and branch of military that they served.

Of course, it’s the personal stories behind the photographs that make such a display so impactful. Michael Dow shared a few. “Ronny Parsons was born and raised in York and lived here until he enlisted in the Army. Larry d’Entremont came to York with his mom Charlotte when he was a very young child. He was adopted by her new husband, Charlie d’Entremont and he lived and went to school here until he enlisted in the Army.”

The list of Fallen Heroes:

  • Robert B. Young, Vietnam, 22 April 1971, Age 20
  • Gerald Dorr, Vietnam, 28 January 1967, Age 22
  • Larry A. d’Entermont, Vietnam, 20 November 1967, Age 19
  • Ronald A. Parsons, Vietnam, 24 December 1967, Age 23
  • Edward R. Grant, World War 2, 
19 March 1945, 
Age 28
  • Kenneth G. Ramsdell, World War 2, 4 January 1944, Age 19
  • William H. Turner, World War 2, 24 February 1944, Age 21
  • Richmond H. Ellis, World War 2, February or March 1944, Age 26
  • Eugene T. Boardman, World War 2, 12 July 1944, Age 20
  • Roger C. Haskell, World War 2, 28 July 1944, Age 23
  • George C. Moore, World War 2, 19 September 1944, Age 33
  • Clifford G. Moore, World War 2, 11 July 1942, Age 24
  • Harold A. Clapp Jr., World War 2, 20 November 1942, Age 22
  • Harvey A. Rogers World War 2 20 November 1942, Age 23
  • George Dewey Clark, World War 1, 7 November 1918, Age 18
  • Edward E. Ramsdell World War 1 30 September 1918, Age 26
  • Wells B. Cumings World War 1 30 June 1918, Age 20
  • Edward J. LaBonte World War 1 6 June 1918, Age 20

Dow said there will be an additional banner displayed at the Old York Historical Society, 3 Lindsay Road, York, in the weeks to come that will feature all the soldiers together. There are eight permanent War Monuments in York honoring current and former residents who answered America’s call to fight in conflicts around the world. To learn more, go to

The York Committee on Veteran’s Affairs is responsible for this program. For more information, go to