Some Know Her as the Friendly Voice Who Answers the Phone at DPW.

Some know her as the “go-to” person in the office who gets the information needed to solve everyday work situations. Her name is Jaelynn Gerald and she does all that and more. Jaelynn started at DPW just a year ago as the Administrative Assistant and soon demonstrated she had what it takes to become an important member of the team. In addition to performing crucial job-related duties such as payroll, accounts payable, processing permits and applications, managing employee data, answering the phone, emails and assisting DPW Director, Dean Lessard, with his many responsibilities, Jaelynn goes out of her way to try to help wherever she can.

Jaelynn is a York native who loves this area and her hometown. She knows the area well which is especially helpful when fielding phone calls from residents with questions or concerns. When asked what aspect of her job or DPW is most impactful, Jaelynn said, “I’m most impressed with our responsiveness to the needs of the town and individuals. Some towns you have to leave a message and hope someone gets back to you. A lot of towns don’t do what wedo.” It’s that personal touch that has helped connect DPW with the community. Jaelynn greeted residents at the Annual Tire Drop Day at the Recycling Facility on Witchtrot Road earlier this year and was instrumental in registering and greeting residents for the annual Hazardous Waste Day last fall.


Jaelynn also attended her first Annual Highway Congress presented by the Maine Chapter of the American Public WorksAssociation (MCAPWA) in Skowhegan last June. In addition to witnessing demonstrations of heavy-duty machines, and meeting representatives from manufacturers of accessories and safety equipment, Jaelynn took part in some friendly Bobcat competitions where she went head-to-head against other DPW employees driving a skid-steer through an obstacle course. “I would love to get my CDL (commercial driver’s license) someday so I could drive a truck.” Said Jaelynn.

When her day is done, Jaelynn chooses to relax at home with her prized pooch, Theodore, or flexing her creative skills with her many artistic abilities such as painting or quilting. Jaelynn’s office skills are certainly appreciated but It’s her enthusiasm and genuine interest in all things DPW that helps keep the department organized and projects moving forward.