Trash & Recycling Frequently Asked Questions

To determine your collection day please locate your street in the link to the Town’s street directory. To determine which week your recycling is picked up look for which week (Green 1 or White 2) your street is listed as and then view the collection schedule.
Street Listings
Collection Schedule

Bulk Pickup -You must contact Casella at least one day before your regular collection day to let them that you will be putting bulk items out 888-857-0800. Furniture, mattresses, small appliances - speakers, VCR’s, toaster ovens etc.. (excluding TV’s and computers) large plastic toys and lumber (cut to 4 foot lengths and tied in bundles no more than 50 pounds) will all be picked up curbside. *There are some roads where they will not do bulk pickups- you can call Casella and tell them you will put it the nearest intersection where they do allow bulk pickups.

Wednesday and Saturday from 9am to 4pm year round.

Yes- Permits are required to access the facility. They can be purchased at the Clerk’s office in the Town Hall. Cost is $25 annually for residents and $100 annually for commercial stickers. The Permits run from July 1st- June 30th.

The recycling facility accepts large appliances -washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, microwaves, scrap metal, gas grills, lawnmowers, bikes, etc, tree wood, brush, leaves, grass clippings, waste oil, waste antifreeze, used & mixed paper. No Stumps.

The recycling facility is located at 65 Witchtrot Road off of Route 91. Get Directions

Computers, televisions, mercury containing devices, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, including car batteries, (Alkaline batteries that were made after 1993 can be thrown in the trash.) PCB ballasts are all accepted at the Town Recycling facility on the first Saturday of the month from 9am - 4pm.

A) Latex Paint- Uncover the can- let paint dry out completely (can expedite process by adding speedy dry, or kitty litter) when completely dry- place uncovered can curbside with your regular trash. Link to Paint Care
B) For Oil Based- The Town has a hazardous waste collection day once a year in October. Oil based paints are accepted as well as kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel, garden and household pesticides, strippers/varnishes, driveway sealers, lighter fluids, stains/wood preservatives, carburetor cleaner/brake fluid and aerosol cans that are NOT empty.

There is an annual tire disposal day in April. There is a small fee for disposal. For more information call the DPW at 207-363-1010.

Construction material is not accepted for curbside collection. It is recommended that a dumpster be hired to dispose of this type of material. Also- Eldredge Lumber (207-363-2004) and Aggregate Recycling Corporation (207-439-5584) in Eliot will take construction debris for a fee.

Please call Casella at 888-857-0800. Trash/recycling is required to be out by 7am for collection.

Any container -96 gallons or less- can be used for household trash. Trash must be bagged inside cans (no loose trash) or you may place sealed trash bags curbside. For recycling- any container 35 gallons or less can be used. Container should be clearly marked as Recycling. Recycling is single stream- does not need to be sorted.

Broken glass is very hazardous to the workers collecting trash and recyclables. Please wrap in several layers of newspaper and place it in your trash. Or after wrapping it -mark it “broken glass” and place it next to your trash.

We do our best to get the word out as early as possible- the announcement will be posted on our website, on our Facebook page and TV Channels 3, 6, 8 and 13. When Postponed- the trash/recycling will always be picked up on the following Saturday.

Casella picks up on every holiday except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Trash & Recycling for those days will be picked up on the following Saturday.